The nutraceutical industry is growing at a tremendous pace all over the world. IHPL specializes in manufacturing nutraceutical products using the latest technologies and highest quality at competitive prices. This enables our clients to be in a perfect position to market their brands and meet the growing demands customer demands.

IHPL provides manufacturing solutions for multiple dosage form requirements.

As a complete house of Nutraceutical & Ayurvedic products, IHPL offers manufacturing facilities for the following product ranges:

We can help you in the following steps of your go to market strategies:

  • Dry Blended Powders
  • Wet Blended Powders
  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Diskettes
  • Liquid Orals (Nutraceutical & Ayurvedic)
  • Homogenized Spray Powders
  • High-Fat Powders
  • Vacuum Oven Dried Powders