Shift your production to IHPL

It is important to have the right manufacturer for your growing needs.

Are you facing problems like unreturned calls, production delays, no concrete answers, non-compliance of quality and regulatory requirements? If yes, it is time to switch your manufacturer.

No company is liable to put up with a manufacturer who does not consider customer service and quality production their priority. IHPL makes it easy for you to change your contract manufacturer.

We provide constant assistance during the process of shifting your manufacturing:

  1. Development of changed artwork. If you don’t have artwork files, our team helps re-create the artwork.
  2. Develop similar packaging material.
  3. Check regulatory requirements and make changes in a product to ensure compliance.
  4. Testing and analysis of current product to understand its compliance with Nutritional facts and ingredients.
  5. Create a similar or better product in terms of efficiency, texture, taste and other physical properties.

Partner with IHPL and experience the professional manufacturing services that you are looking for, and deserve. Don’t be misguided. Ensure that you sell a product that meets all quality and regulatory requirements.