IHPL uses the latest technology and software. Our team works meticulously to create a support infrastructure that enables us to document every aspect of our work.

Latest software helps the organization traceability, improves financial management, eliminates inefficiency, and helps us grow our company.

Tracking ingredients, products, trial results, customers, vendors, revenues and expenses, software does it all.

Some of the important modules in our software are:

Managing production activities of our company is one of the most crucial steps in achieving targets. Our system within production planning allows us to track every detail involved in the manufacturing process. The material transparency that is created using the software is vital for quality control efforts and recall purposes. Ability to track completed batches allows us to manage shelf life and expiration tracking effectively.

We never compromise on the quality we deliver to our customers, and to ensure the best quality, we have a module specifically designed to manage quality control activities. Quality control testing in our manufacturing process involves several steps, and this module helps us in delivering the same best quality product each time with regulatory compliance. It also allows us to request quality control tests, track test results, and take corrective actions.

Manufacturing delays are costly. Delays can result in lost sales, and wastage due to expiring products or raw materials. With the MRP functionality available within manufacturing units, we set a production schedule months in advance. MRP & production scheduling takes into account; capacities, lead times on ingredients, predicted demand, and a number of other factors to ensure that the products are made available to our customers when they are needed.

Strong purchasing controls are important for a company. Our software purchasing module allows us to track product vendors, set up vendor cross-referencing for products, track lead times, and vendor pricing variations.

The Inventory Management modules enable us to control material and product expiration. Our inventory control system picks materials on FIFO (first expiring, first out) process unlike, FIFO based inventory system, for which, Software’s are generally designed. A FEFO approach helps in minimizing the number of products or materials expiring before sale.

Back-office accounting functionality integrated within our package encompasses features like accounts payable processing, receivables management, financial reporting, and budgeting. It also enables tracking of project costs for F&D projects.